St. Bart's Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Do your online shopping at St. Bart's Shopping Mall and the church will receive a percentage of everything you spend.

Rather than going directly to your favorite online merchant, if you use our Shopping Mall as your link to online shopping, you will also be supporting the church while you shop, at no additional cost to you. Click on one of the two links below for your online shopping.


Click the Amazon graphic and you will be taken to the Amazon website. From there you can navigate to any page on Amazon that you desire, you can even log into your own Amazon account if you wish.

You have complete freedom to surf through the Amazon website and buy anything you wish, secure in the knowledge that anything you buy will generate a donation to the church of as much as 4% of your total purchase, at no additional cost to you!

Whenever you wish to buy something on Amazon, please link to Amazon via St. Bart's Shopping Mall and you will be contributing to the church at the same time.

eScrip Mall

Visit eScrip's Online Mall and earn contributions for St. Bart's at a large number of online merchants.

escrip mall

You don't have to be a member of eScrip to use the eScrip Online Mall, but if you are a member, you will receive a regular statement showing how much your purchases have contributed to St. Bart's. As a member of eScrip, your regular shopping at your local grocery store can also earn for St. Bart's. Learn more about eScrip.