Sunday School

Sunday School begins at 10:20 am each Sunday, just before the 10:30 am service begins. At the completion of the Sunday School class, the children will then return to their parents in church at the point in the service where the peace is exchanged.

Our Sunday School follows the Godly Play curriculum, in which children learn in a manner similar to Montessori principles. For more about Godly Play, browse through the Godly Play Foundation website.

We meet in the Parish Hall and then line up quietly to prepare to enter the Godly Play room. Children ages 3 and up are encouraged to experience Godly Play. The Sunday School schedule is shown on the right, with the lesson to be taught each week.

The first Sunday of every month is designated "Youth Sunday" with our youth and children taking part in the service, filling roles such as Usher, Greeter, Reader, etc. Be sure to join us for this special service and watch our youth and children play their part in our worship.

To register your child for Sunday School, please use the on-line registration form.

Sunday School teachers: check the Teacher Schedule to find out when you will be teaching.


Sunday School Director: