Acolyte Ministry

Acolytes are a very important part of our worship service. They lead the procession of worship leaders into the sanctuary with the Cross and Candles. Acolytes help with the offering, carrying the offering plates to the altar and help "set the table" for Holy Communion. When a baptism occurs in our church, the acolyte stands next to the celebrant, assisting in several ways throughout the ceremony. Acolytes participate in other special events during the worship service as well.


Historically, the acolyte's role has been to assist the celebrant during the worship service, especially at the Lord's Table. The acolyte was the minister's helper. Because the work of an acolyte had to do with the sacred and holy things of worship the Order of Acolyte emerged just like there was an Order of Clergy for ministers. This indicates how important the work of an acolyte has been to the church throughout the years.

In today's modern church the acolyte still plays an important role in the worship service and is still understood as the minister's helper during the worship service. Special training sessions are held for those who wish to become an acolyte. Refresher classes are also held at least once a year. During these training sessions the acolyte candidate learns not only what to do, but why we do it.

Being an acolyte is not something to be taken lightly. It is a ministry, a service to God in the House of the Lord. The acolyte has an important role in leading the congregation in its worship of God.

Acolytes serve at the 10:30 am service (9:30 am during the summer months), and at special services throughout the year. The schedule for the 9:30 am Sunday Service (Summer schedule) is shown here.

Acolytes serve at the 10:30 am service, and at special services throughout the year. The schedule for the 10:30 am Sunday Service is shown here.