Instructions for completing the Safe Church Online Class

Called to Right Relationship
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Our diocese has contracted with Shield the Vulnerable to provide mandatory training and related information for anyone working directly with children. Information specific to our diocese, including policies and other relevant materials, can be found here on the Shield the Vulnerable website and also on the DioCal website.

A handbook: Called to Right Relationship, a guide to ethical behavior by people in positions of authority in the church, and containing policies and procedures pertaining to the care of children, has been published by the diocese and is available by clicking the image on the right.

To take the Safe Church class, go to and click on the "Adults" button. This will take you to a sign-up page. Click on the "First Time Sign-Up" tab, which will open a sequence of selection boxes enabling you to identify yourself as a member of the "Episcopal Diocese of California".

The next step is to create a login account, after which through another sequence of selection boxes you will identify yourself as a "Volunteer" "Parent" or "Teacher" and a member of St. Bartholomew's. Following this you are taken to a summary page where you are able to review all your settings. You are then asked to "Accept the License" and confirm your registration.

You are now at the stage where you can begin taking the courses available. You can logoff at any time and log back on later to complete the class. After you have completed the class, a certificate of completion can be printed.