Sunday School Registration

Godly Play
Godly Play

Sunday School begins at 10:20 am each Sunday and ends at 11:10 am.

We will meet in the Parish Hall and then line up quietly to prepare to enter the Godly Play room. Children ages 6 and up are encouraged to experience the Godly Play curriculum.

Please use this form to register your child(ren) for Sunday School. When you have completely filled out the form, click the green "Register" button to send the form to us.

Registration Form

This form can be used for registering up to 4 children per family.


  Please select the appropriate school year.





Confidentiality: Saint Bartholomew's Church believes that your privacy is important. Information collected using this form is limited to our own use only and will be used for the sole purpose of registering your child(ren) for Saint Bartholomew's Church Sunday School. This information will not be communicated to, or shared with, any other individual or agency.