Annual Pledge

Please prayerfully consider your ability to contribute to the day to day operation of our church and its programs. The commitment of Time, Talent and Treasure from our members is vital to our ongoing activities. Please use the form below to pledge your commitment to Saint Bartholomew's. The form may be used for either the current year or the following year by selecting the appropriate year in the selection box.

When you have completed the form you may send it directly to the church by clicking the Pledge button, or if you wish you can click the Print button to print the form, sign it, and submit it as you would a written pledge card. If you use the Pledge button to send your pledge directly to the church, you may still use the Print button to print a copy for your records, but you must do this before you send the pledge to the church.

If you have already pledged for the year indicated in the year selection box, but wish to change your pledge, you may do so at any time by checking the Updated Pledge box. The amount you enter on the form will then become your new pledge, replacing all previous pledges you have made for the year indicated.

The Stewardship Commission and Vestry wish to thank you for your contribution to Christ's work here at St. Bartholomew's.

Pledge Form

In gratitude for all of God's gifts, my commitment to support the spread of God's reign at St. Bartholomew's is as follows:

  Please select the desired pledge year.

Please check this box if you are updating a previous pledge for the year selected above,
leave the box unchecked if this is your first pledge for that year.

I pledge to contribute $ every please select your desired contribution frequency
My total contribution for the year will be  $
I wish to pay my pledge by  please select your preferred method of payment

Print a copy for your records.
[If you wish to keep a copy of the form, please print it before you click the Pledge button.]

Send your pledge form directly to the church.
You will receive an acknowledgement by email which will include all the details of your pledge. Please check it carefully to ensure correctness.

If you wish to submit a printed copy of this form, instead of submitting it online, please sign and date the form below.



Confidentiality: Saint Bartholomew's Church believes that your privacy is important. Information collected using this form is limited to our own use only and will be used for the sole purpose of registering your pledge to contribute to Saint Bartholomew's Church Operating Budget. This information will not be communicated to, or shared with, any other individual or agency.