Capital Campaign

Our current Capital Campaign kicked-off Aug 29, 2010, a 3 year campaign focusing on a number of key objectives. As the campaign has progressed, some of these objectives have been completed. The full list is here:

  1. The Church roof has been replaced, this work was completed in June of 2011.
  2. Computers in the Parish Office have been upgraded and new software purchased to provide the rector and office staff with modern tools for the administration of the parish.
  3. The lighting in the Parish Hall has been improved with the installation of new Lights and Ceiling Fans in July 2012. Additional electrical improvements have also been made across the campus.
  4. The sound system in the sanctuary will be upgraded or replaced; many people regularly complain about an inability to hear the sound during the service.
  5. A redesign of all landscaping and installation of a new irrigation system.

With money already received from the campaign, we have begun to address these projects, but there is much work still to do. With your continued support, we can continue to work on them. Please use the form below to pledge your commitment to the campaign.

Capital Pledge Form

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